• What are the differences between UV Lamp and LED Lamp?

    Which lamp to choose for a semi-permanent nail polish or gel nail application?

    Here is a small practical guide to clarify and understand the differences between the UV lamp and the LED lamp and to avoid you being wrong.

    UV lamp or LED lamp, which one to choose?

    What is UV light and LED light?

    UV is ultra violet, a wavelength measured in nanometer.

    LED light is produced by light-emitting diodes. and the wavelength is less important than those of uv.

    This difference comes from the initiating photos.

    There are some that are used for LED gels and others used for traditional UV gels.

    To dry, the gels need photo primers that are represented in the molecules and that will allow the gel to harden.

    UV gels require 350 nanometers to dry, and most uv lamps average between 320 and 400 nanometers.

    UV lamp or LED lamp, which one to choose?

    But for an LED gel the emission of waves is 375 nm, that is why it is necessary to use led bulbs between 370 and 380 nm.

    Therefore in order to optimize the quality of the drying and to avoid any problem it is necessary to use a UV lamp for UV gels and LED lamps for LEDS gels.

    Regarding the installation of semi-permanent varnish:

    You can use both a UV lamp and an LED lamp for drying semi-permanent varnish.

    Only the exposure time differs, ie 2 min under UV lamp and 30 s for LED lamp.

    To know all about semi-permanent nail polish, consult our training book My! Polish !

    Regarding the UV gel application:

    To polymerise the nail, it is imperative to use a UV lamp.

    There are several powers, the most used is the UV lamp 36 W with 4 neons distributed on the sides and the top.

    It is recommended for proper to use the best led nail lamp.

    What about the CCFL Manicure Lamp?

    The CCFL is a cold cathode technology.

    In order to popularize this term, the CCFL corresponds to a "better" UV technology. It allows to divide the catalyzing time by 2. Thus, instead of 2 minutes for a conventional UV lamp, 1 minute under the CCFL lamp is sufficient to catalyze a UV product.

    The cold cathode also has a longer life than other technologies. It is therefore particularly suitable for intensive use.

    By definition, a CCFL LED lamp and a complete device to catalyze all UV, LED or UV and LED products in record time.

    Finally, it is therefore an ideal technology for beauty professionals to allow them to save time in terms of catalyst time and therefore customer service.

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